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MAISON RANA® Privée is the label's exclusive couture line, created by the designer, Rana Al-Basri Mouawad, even before the launch of the Prêt-à-Porter collections.


Designed on exclusivity with red carpet appeal, gowns, dresses, wedding dresses and more are created for a single private client, based on a detailed brief and for an occassion or event.


MAISON RANA® Privée designs are ultra luxurious, using the finest fabrics and trims and hand-made emroidery and detailing, making each piece unique and one of a kind.


The team at MAISON RANA® work closely with a client, taking into consideration all the necessary details for the occasion. The client then receives several design sketches portraying the designer's point of view and vision.


Privée designs take between 2 weeks to 2 - 3 months depending whether the desired outcome is a gown or a wedding dress. All items are made with the utmost care and attention.


To book an appointment, meet the designer and discuss this service, kindly contact us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .








Left: Picture of the designer at the ELLE Style Awards 2013 doing final touches to a MAISON RANA® Privée design.