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MAISON RANA® is a young contemporary fashion label that brings femininity and style in its creations. Known for its trademark minimalist lines, designs created by MAISON RANA® are the perfect example of "less is more"!  


Women who choose to wear MAISON RANA® are ones who dictate their own sense of style. They are not shy to step away from the crowd and lead instead of follow. Its in its minimalism, subtle detailing and symmetric cuts that women today fall in-love with MAISON RANA® 





A great lover of the arts and traveling, Rana Al-Basri Mouawad spent her career as an advertising and communication professional in leading agencies and multinational companies in the Middle East region. However, her love for fashion co-existed in her busy life, coming to surface through limited designs created for family, friends, and special clients. In 2010, Rana took a step back from her busy lifestyle to make her passion become a reality. Hence the birth of her label.


By 2011, her first collection was launched, getting positive and overwhelming reviews from industry professionals, media and customers. Nominated by ELLE Middle East in the category of Best Upcoming Designer 2013, Rana's work keeps progressing and developing... evident to her full commitment to her design passion.


Today, Rana's designs cater to fashion enthusiasts in several countries around the world ... and still growing.


To Rana, she is just beginning!